Bucket Club


press for fossils:

'Bucket Club’s style mixes story theater and toy theater with both whimsy and rigor... scientific precision and obvious warmth... A wonderfully weirdo score that should have Léon Theremin giggling in his grave.' New York Times

'This is a show like no other... it mesmerizes the audience from the first minute to the last' Broadway World New York

'Bizarrely brilliant masterpiece... an enthralling, one-of-a-kind productionTheatre is Easy

'An object lesson in how to take a simple character-driven story and by sheer stagecraft to elevate it to another level of experience' 4* - Fest

'The excellent three-strong cast multi-task superbly between roles, as well as creating a live Sufjan Stevens-like soundscape from voices, harmonium, violin and theremin-like electronics... it's a captivating, poignant reflection on love, longing and the importance of mystery in all our lives.' 4* - The List

'Fossils is a beautifully hewn story about how we connect to the past, and how our lives are shaped by the no-longer living things we carry with us. The emotion creeps up on you, gently and without fanfare: the tricks, wit and japes of the initial theatrical frivolity dissolving into a granite-hard nub of sadness. A gem of a piece by Bucket Club, a company taking its own very solid place in the world.' - Total Theatre

Video made by brits off broadway to promote fossils

images of fossils

images of past bucket club r&d