Bucket Club


fifty foot

In Autumn 2019, supported by the RSC and the Almeida’s Resident Directors Programme, we undertook R&D on a new show. It’s about the vertigo of adulthood, the way we shape our lives’ stories and our destructive need to feel big in a bewildering world. It will be performed by three women with bewitching live electronic music and a mountain of recycled clothes.

We hope to make fifty foot in 2020.

R&D Credits

Performers     Holly Beasley-Garrigan
Sandy Foster 
Chioma Uma

Director            Nel Crouch        
Music                David Ridley       
Designer          Rebecca Wood          
Dramaturg        Marietta Kirkbride 

Past R&D contributors: Adam Farrell, Luke Murphy, Katie Sherrard, Helen Vinten, Rose Wardlaw
(Past R&D supported by Strike a Light and Hawkwood College)